The Fearless Investor: 7 steps To Confidently Buy Your First Investment Property - Aaron Christie-David

  • Common mistakes amongst first time investors 
  • The importance of a loan structure when building a property portfolio 
  • Loan options: principal + interest versus interest-only 
  • Advantages of using a mortgage broker over dealing directly with a bank
Aaron Christie-David - Founder, Atelier Wealth

Aaron Christie-David - Founder, Atelier Wealth

Aaron Christie-David is a multi award winning mortgage broker, specialising in helping Australians purchase their first investment property. As an active property investor, Aaron has helped over 500 Australians build their investment portfolio. As the Founder of Atelier Wealth, Aaron has been recognised in the Top 10 Investment Property Specialists in Australia and leads a team that has been recognised as the Best Brokerage (< 5 brokers) at the 2019 Australian Broking Awards.