5 Step Property Investment Plan For Buying New Property - Lloyd Thomas

  • Eliminate ‘hope’ with the right entry and exit strategy 
  • The unexpected ways your current finances will help form your investment strategy 
  • Is your current home an asset or liability?
  •  Stamp duty benefits when buying into estates 
  • How to find the right builders for your property 
Lloyd Thomas -Founder, DPN

Lloyd Thomas -Founder, DPN

Since 1996 we have helped thousands of Australians build wealth through property. DPN is an award-winning, professionally certified Property and Financial Services enterprise. We are an accredited mortgage broker plus have our own range of property finance products and partner of quality builders, land suppliers and architects. We offer a personalised strategy to help our customers achieve financial independence and the retirement they deserve. Specifically, we use cash positive investment strategies, based on independent research to help people generate passive income streams. In addition, we offer expertise and experience in SMSF property investment and finance.