Pay Less Tax Leveraging Depreciation Fundamentals And Increasing Your Cash Flow - Mike Mortlock

  • Tax depreciation explained 
  • When you need a depreciation schedule 
  • How depreciation effects cashflow 
  • The big budget change and its impact on property investment
Mike Mortlock - Managing Director, MCG Quantity Surveyors

Mike Mortlock - Managing Director, MCG Quantity Surveyors

Depreciation is a key component to building and managing a successful portfolio. The legislation changes announced in May 2017 have introduced extra complexity that investors need to navigate successfully to ensure they maximise their claims. As an expert in tax depreciation for property investors, Mike has completed thousands of residential and commercial depreciation schedules across Australia. His expert knowledge has been featured in Sky Business, The Financial Review and he is regular speaker at industry events. Mike will walk though depreciation basics, the 2017 legislation changes and some key mistakes investors and even accountants are making with their clients.