Silent Sales: Buying Properties Before They Hit The Open Market - Chris Gray

  • Setting your property criteria 
  • Establishing the demand for your targeted properties 
  • The reason a seller would skip auction & sell directly 
  • How to build relationships with agents 
  • Is this a strategy for the general public?
Chris Gray - Founder, Your Empire

Chris Gray - Founder, Your Empire

Chris Gray is the CEO of Your Empire which builds property portfolio’s for time-poor professionals, searching, negotiating and renovating on their behalf. He has been the host of ‘Your Property Empire’ on Sky News Business Channel for over 10 years and was the Real Estate Judge on ‘The Renovators’ on Channel Ten. As a qualified accountant, mortgage broker and buyers agent, Chris is the independent authority in educating buyers, sellers and investors about residential property in Australia. Chris started buying property at the age of 22, semi-retired at the age of 31 and currently holds over $15m of property in his personal portfolio.