Scarcity Factors Will Give Your Property Investment The Edge - Julie Cumming

  • Why you shouldn’t buy the ‘classic’ investment property 
  • The importance of defining your purpose 
  • Secondary buyers: owner occupied or investors 
  • What scarcity factors and desirable attributes to look for 
  • How to figure out whether capital growth or rental yield will help fulfill your purpose
Julie Cumming - Director, Hatch Property Australia

Julie Cumming - Director, Hatch Property Australia

Julie began her personal investment journey well before she knew anything about property investment and learned through making great mistakes and having some sheer good fortune. This was all invaluable experience and resonated deeply to allow her to know how confusing and scary it can be for those embarking on the same path. The landscape now is far noisier than it was when she began, and much more confusing for the inexperienced to know if what they are accessing is real or spin and illusion.