The Art And Science Of Negotiation: Tips From Over 10,000 Real Estate Transactions - Nathan Birch

  • How to position yourself for optimal gain 
  • What information you should be listening for 
  • What to say to the agent negotiating 
  • The steps to play your cards for maximum profit
Nathan Birch - Co-Founder, Binvested

Nathan Birch - Co-Founder, Binvested

Owner of binvested group, have over 200 properties (worth over $50,000,000), total net worth property and non property assets approaching $100,000,000 level. Accurately predicted multiple markets over the last 15 years 12-24 months before they unfold. Founder of a law firm, accountancy practice, financial planning firm, family office, national real estate group, one of Australia's first buyers agency, education business, finance company, tech company. Besides all of this, I still hustle like I am broke :)